Aviation insurers start to recognize the value of UPRT training

As reported by Aviation International News, safety training operators are starting to form partnerships with aviation insurers. With loss-of-control in-flight (LOC-I) being a major aviation safety issue, and hence also representing a major claims risk, it makes a lot of sense for insurance underwriters to encourage safety training efforts that lead to their clients having comprehensive safety management systems in place. And for airlines, it offers opportunities to offset some of the training costs.

Insurers have different options at their disposal to integrate UPRT training into their underwriting process, and what they will want to offer will vary across each insurer and their underwriting criteria for each client. At the very least, improved pilot training can put an operator into a stronger negotiation position during the underwriting process. More direct incentives can include offering to cover a part of the training costs or of course a positive impact on insurance premiums, either through a direct discount or in the form of a ‘no claims’ bonus.

At ECAIR, we welcome this development and we are actively working on developing our own partnerships with insurers such as the ALLIANZ group to be able to offer stronger incentives for operators to include UPRT modules in their training syllabi.

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