Air Archipels UPRT TRAINNG

We have trained Tahiti’s  Air Archipels  TRI’s operating B200 & DHC 6. It was our first UPRT « train the Trainer » course  through  ED-D 2015/12/R AMC2 provision (b)  for CAT operators with a MOPSC of 19 or less who do not have access to a FFS.    

ECAIR provide UPRT training to Business Aviation

We are very proud to have the opportunity to train high qualified Dassault TRI/TRE in Paris . They have received the full  one week « Train the Trainer UPRT courses » including theoretical ground courses and FSTD  pratical UPRT training. We operated the training on the latest Falcon 8X and 2000 LXS


  Air Austral has selected our company to train their TRI/TRE for their new company B787  Dreamliner . This new training has completed our large Airline specific UPRT Boeing & Airbus courses. ECAIR  has provided UPRT  for  Airlines TRI/TRE operating  ATR/A320/A330/B737/B777/B787

WIZZAIR Training

ECAIR Aviation is extremely proud to have provided to WIZZAIR Top training managers  our specific UPRT” Train the trainer course” last month in Budapest… This academic  ground course took place in their headquarters and the practical training was made  in their A320 FSTD. A dynamic company very open minded  and  proactive regarding UPRT training.

UPRT for NAA inspectors

Last December the French DGAC has selected our company to provide a specific “Train the Trainer Course” for two inspectors. This course took place in Paris and included Academic refresher and practical UPRT exercises  both maneuver-based and scenario-based exercises on A330 type specific FSTD. We have been extremely proud to provide them our new UPRT  “Train the Trainer […]