UPRT for NAA inspectors

Last December the French DGAC has selected our company to provide a specific “Train the Trainer Course” for two inspectors.

This course took place in Paris and included Academic refresher and practical UPRT exercises  both maneuver-based and scenario-based exercises on A330 type specific FSTD.

We have been extremely proud to provide them our new UPRT  “Train the Trainer Course”.

This high level course has been specially created by our Test pilot instructor’s team including all mandatory items but also including their high test pilot experience which can definitely help to better understand a lot of “case studies” and consequently better explain how to prevent and avoid upsets… This is an outstanding course you can find only in test pilot schools!

ECAIR Aviation gives you the opportunity to be trained by experts in UPRT and can train your core group instructors to build and deliver your in house courses…

We have trained already many  Airlines and Business  aviation companies and developed  with them an operator‘s type-specific UPRT programs for their fleet.  These programs have been approved by their authority.


Discussing UPRT at the EBAA Annual Safety Conference

ECAIR Aviation has been invited by EBAA to its yearly Annual Safety conference in Copenhagen. A vast array of topical matters has been addressed and discussed amongst panels and with a line-up of specialists.

It brought together senior aviation professionals from regulators, manufacturers, business aviation operators and trade bodies from all over the world.

ECAIR Aviation was there to expose and explain the implementation of the new EASA UPRT regulation (ED-D 2015/012/R & NPA 2015/13) especially for NCC operators.